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Howdy, teachers, parents, and very smart frogs!

Teen Poetry class at the Santa Monica Library
There’s so much to say about teaching…
here are a few ideas:
  • Check out the tips I offer students and writers.
  • Teachingauthors.com is a blog of six children’s authors who also teach writing.  We post about our writing lives, offer writing exercises, recommend books and link to many, many resources.  You can also ask us questions, which we may address as a team.  Here’s my first post, about how I became a teaching author.
  • As I say in the blog post above, I’ve learned, as I’m sure many of you have, that teaching is NOT about stuffing as much cheese as I can into a roomful of potato skins.  Okay, that just made me hungry.  (Or was it my fear that I won’t say the right thing here?   If you, too, get hungry when you have a feeling…any feeling, happy, frightened, angry, overwhelmed…you might check out this organization. I can’t help others unless I stay healthy myself.  Just saying.)
  • And when your head is too cluttered to take in any more, give your mind a rest at my pond.

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