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Here’s an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to host an author beginning months before the visit to the follow-up thank you letter.
(Print out the handy checklist PDF, which is at the very end of the menu at left on this website.)
When I visit a school, I would like each teacher to read To Rabbittown and The Night Horse manuscripts (without pictures) to his or her students ahead of time.
Yes, even the middle and high school students!  I’ll show the illustrations during my presentation.  I want them to imagine their own pictures as they listen to the stories.
Please make my elementary school curriculum or the middle school and high school curriculum available to each teacher.  Give this to them well in advance so that they can incorporate some activities into their class work.
I know, I know…there are a LOT of activities in each curriculum.  Sorry.
Take a deep breath.  And one more.  Now, pick just one activity to do with your class before my visit.
Or don’t do any.  Maybe just take your class outside.  Tell them to close their eyes for two minutes and focus on one of their senses.  Then ask them to write about one thing they felt, smelled or heard.  Tell them to have fun writing outside.

If your school decides to sell my current books (preferably through your local independent bookstore !) I would be delighted to autograph them.
You can also order my award-winning CD/MP3
for $5, which has five stories (including TO RABBITTOWN, THE NIGHT HORSE and IT’S NOT MY TURN TO LOOK FOR GRANDMA), seventeen poems and a fiddle tune.

Many of my picture books are out of print (which is incredibly painful for an author—like losing a beloved pet), but I have several hundred copies of GIRL COMING IN FOR A LANDING, which I sell.

My friend Alexis O’Neill writes a terrific blog about school visits.  Check it out!

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