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School visits are like planting seeds. Look what might grow!

Rosie, the world’s oldest dog, laughing at me in the garden.

I love visiting elementary, middle and high schools, libraries and universities!


  • If your school is within an hour’s drive of the Los Angeles airport, I charge $950 for the day or $800 for a half day.
  • Within California but farther than an hour’s drive from LAX my fee is $1450-2500 per day depending upon the event, plus transportation and hotel.
  • Otherwise I charge $1450-$2500 per day plus nonstop airfare and hotel.

Information specific to elementary schools,
middle schools, high schools below.

What do you need?

  • Full or half-day school visits?
  • Poetry workshops?
  • Picture book writing workshops?
  • Creative writing exercises?
  • A talk about a writing career?
  • Stories in a large auditorium?
  • A lively assembly?
  • A GATE class?
  • A small Master Class for specially chosen students?
  • Teacher in-services?
    (In mine, teachers learn two terrific writing exercises that they can give to their classes the next day)
  • Entertainment and inspiration in a keynote speech?
  • Work with homeschoolers?
  • An adult picture book class?
  • An adult poetry workshop?
  • A parent night speaker?
  • A speaker for a college children’s literature class?

I will do almost anything you might want.
(Almost.  I can’t do a cartwheel.  *sigh*)


A typical three- assembly schedule:

  • K and 1st……………………………………………50 minutes
    (yes, even the kinders—I promise to dismiss ‘em earlier if they aren’t enjoying it)
  • 2nd and 3rd………………………………………..50 minutes
  • 4th and 5th…………………………………………50 minutes

My presentations
My high-energy powerpoint presentations cover the writing process, how I find ideas, writing, re-writing, editing, editing some more, and the publication process.  My underlying message is that good writing (good anything) takes TIME.

  • With the youngest students, presentations focus on storytelling.
  • Guaranteed fun—I play the fiddle! (I only play at the very end of the Grandma story, but that’s what they remember)
  • Presentations are interactive, energetic and fun!

…and workshops
Check out what I offer below for middle and high schools.  We can do the same in your elementary school!


As in elementary schools but focused on the teen audience, my high-energy powerpoint assembly presentations cover the writing process, how I find ideas, writing, re-writing, editing, editing some more, and the publication process.  My underlying message, no matter the age, is that good writing (good anything) takes TIME.
However, the range of what I offer to middle schools and high schools varies considerably—let’s think outside the box—above and beyond the assembly!  I can tailor a day especially for your needs.

Every school, every group is different. In most schools I perform two or three assemblies for the entire school, and then teach a poetry workshop for a limited number of select students or a particular class or grade.

Do you really want to read MORE?  Really?  Okay.  I’ll give you one more bullet point list.  I’ve been a speaker at:

  • State Reading Association Conferences,
  • Library and Media Educator Conferences,
  • Teacher Conferences,
  • Writers Conferences,
  • GATE Conferences,
  • Young Author Conferences,
  • Book Festivals,
  • International Magic Carpet Convention
    I made that up…

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