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April Halprin Wayland (and friend) | Photo by Sonya Sones
Welcome–I’m glad you’ve come!

Wander around my backyard, see what’s blooming, where I’m Zooming,
and come back soon ~

P.S:  I was thinking that it would be neat to have a tagline.  I mean, Wheaties has a tagline
(‚ÄúThe Breakfast of Champions‚ÄĚ), Kashi has a tagline (‚ÄúSeven whole grains on a mission‚ÄĚ).
Even California Almond Growers have a tagline (‚ÄúA can a week, that‚Äôs all we ask‚ÄĚ).
I wanted one, too.  So I chose:

April Halprin Wayland: ¬Ĺ poet, ¬Ĺ author, ¬Ĺ not good at fractions
because it made me laugh.  I hope it makes you laugh, too.

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