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For Poetry Month 2014, I'm searching for metaphors and similes. Join me! Here's a bit more on this month's project.

April 8

BIRDS metaphor

I have a friend who works in the TV biz.
I started writing a poem about how tired she was after such long hours.

I tried out these metaphors:
A Shar Pei (that wrinkled dog from China)?
An old 12″ ruler—used for years, wood numbers blurred?
A faded thrift store stuffed bear, its nose hanging by three threads?

Nope. None of these.

I kept writing.  I got down to the core: how badly I want to save her from
the mean and demanding people she works for.

Here’s part of the first draft:

flapping at your window

shrieking through your phone

scratching in that gravel

for the sharpest stones

Now it’s your turn: what upsets you?  What metaphor could describe it?


poem © 2014 April Halprin Wayland. All rights reserved

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