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For Poetry Month 2014, I'm searching for metaphors and similes. Join me! Here's a bit more on this month's project.

April 5


For Poetry Month 2014,
I’m searching for metaphors and similes.
Join me!  Here’s a bit more on this month’s project.

It’s working!  In searching for them every day, metaphors and similes have started singing in my brain!

I am watching a family on the sidewalk after a rain.  They are looking up, faces glowing, pointing and drawing arcs in the air.

Here is part of  my poem:

making arcs
with outstretched arms
like windshield wipers
their faces teachable
like open apples

(of course you know what they were looking at…)

from morguefile.com

from morguefile.com

Now it’s your turn:  look around.  Find your metaphor or simile!

poem © 2014 April Halprin Wayland. All rights reserved

3 Responses to “WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING AT? simile”

  1. Richard Moore says:

    Sylvia Plath

    Overnight, very
    Whitely, discreetly,
    Very quietly

    Our toes, our noses
    Take hold on the loam,
    Acquire the air.

    Nobody sees us,
    Stops us, betrays us;
    The small grains make room.

    Soft fists insist on
    Heaving the needles,
    The leafy bedding,

    Even the paving.
    Our hammers, our rams,
    Earless and eyeless,

    Perfectly voiceless,
    Widen the crannies,
    Shoulder through holes. We

    Diet on water,
    On crumbs of shadow,
    Bland-mannered, asking

    Little or nothing.
    So many of us!
    So many of us!

    We are shelves, we are
    Tables, we are meek,
    We are edible,

    Nudgers and shovers
    In spite of ourselves.
    Our kind multiplies:

    We shall by morning
    Inherit the earth.
    Our foot’s in the door.

  2. B.J. Lee says:

    Very nice! I love the *faces are teachable.* Is this what a teacher experiences when looking at her students’ faces? hmm, this one is teachable, this one is not. It is an interesting metaphor to me.

  3. April says:

    Thank you for that most amazing poem, Richard–wow. I especially love that last stanza.

    And B.J: I kept looking for royalty-free photo of a half an apple. Since I’m traveling, I couldn’t take one myself. That openness is what I saw in my last group of students.
    We’re not always so lucky, are we?

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