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Yippee! In honor of Poetry Month, Easter, and all things rabbity,
my free-verse picture book, To Rabbittown is now only 99 cents
on iTunes, Kindle, Nook--yippee! (Picture me jumping up and
down like an over-caffeinated kangaroo…)
Download the free Kindle for PC  if you don’t have an eReader.

And here are links to Poetry Month
in the Kidlitosphere–thanks, Jama!

Eli found Squirrel at the dog park.
Eli loves Squirrel.
Squirrel no longer squeaks. 
Eli removed Squirrel’s squeaker.
He couldn’t help himself.

Howdy, Campers and welcome to my 2012 Poem-A-Day Challenge!¬† Wowee–I can’t believe it’s here again!¬† This means I’ve been writing a poem a day since I took the challenge in April 2010.¬† Two. Whole. Years.¬† Over six hundred poems.

Ask any writer and I’ll bet 98% of us wonder if we deep-down really ARE writers.¬† Writing a poem a day has given me an amazing gift–I no longer doubt that I’m a writer.

This month, all the poems will be DOG POEMS, because the dog park is my new addiction.¬† So, let’s get on with the dog show–arf, arf!


April 20


by April Halprin Wayland

Here in the piano room,
I purr on a lap.
This is my lap,
no one else’s lap,

So even that large chasing dog
who has recently taken over this house
cannot have this lap
because, as I have said, it is

My chin rests on her arm.
Her arm rises and falls
as she types on her laptop.
Her laptop sits on top of her lap
which, as I’ve stated above, is

Poetry Prompt:  View point!
Sometimes when I can’t think of how to approach a poem, I stand on my head and try to see it from other points of view. ¬†If you write about music from the pianist’s view point or the piano’s or one finger’s or a note’s or a cat’s or the floorboards’ or a child’s, listening in bed…each would be a different poem.

It’s your turn.¬†Brainstorm, scribbling down every image floating around your brain. ¬†After five minutes, circle one of the phrases or words you’ve scribbled, one that intrigues you. ¬†Write a straightforward narrative poem about it. ¬†Now, look at the same word or phrase from a different point of view and write that¬†poem.

Happy Poetry Friday!

poem © 2012 April Halprin Wayland. All rights reserved

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