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In second grade I kept a journal.  Yay, journals!
For a juicier bio, click on the “about April” button above.¬† This is just a few photos…

I think I'm about 10 years old here

I'm 13 here, petting puppies on our farm, holding a hand over my stomach because I thought I was fat. Oy.

If you want to know more (really?¬† You do?!?!), here’s a whole chapter about me, including old family photos!

That ends in 1998, when I wrote it.¬† It’s interwoven with poetry, it was scary to write, and I like the way it turned out.

Or you can go to the library and look up same thing in the reference series called

SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR-AUTOBIOGRAPHY SERIES. Every chapter is the autobiography of a children’s book author.¬† My life is in volume 26.

And here’s something completely random…it’s a 9:51 minute film my father, Leahn J. Halprin, made of the aftermath of the 1955 flood that destroyed our farm.¬† I’m thrilled that someone put it on the web.¬† Dad, historian/artist/philospher/farmer that he was, would have gotten a kick out of the fact that his documentation lives on…


Yay! I finished writing it!

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