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It won the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) GOLD MEDAL for storytelling!
NAPPA gold award

This means it gets an awesome gold sticker, IS THIS COOL OR WHAT?!!???!!?!

”This is a delightful and imaginative collection containing five stories, 17 poems and a lively theme song accompanied by a fiddle, banjo and spoons.  The poems and stories flow from one to another with lovely musical interludes punctuating each segment.  This tape provides a perfect way to fill young heads with words, wonderful words.”
~ L.A. Parent Magazine

“…I have become a major listener to audio tapes for children, so I could hardly believe my good fortune when I walked into Dutton’s [bookstore] tonight and saw the tape….I am so thrilled to be able to tell [parents] about [this]…tour de force…[her] voice is very expressive, and filled with life…a quality that makes listening both easy and exciting…I have a hard time reading poetry, but love to listen to it on tapes.  I’ll bet I’m not the only one!”
~Janet Zarem, Former Manager of Dutton’s Children’s Department , Children’s Book Consultant & Lecturer

“IT’S NOT MY TURN TO LOOK FOR GRANDMA! AND OTHER STORIES includes the title story, To Rabbittown, The Night Horse, and other poems and stories.  April reads them all in a deliciously clear and expressive voice.”
~ STORIES, a storyteller’s monthly

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