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For Poetry Month 2014, I'm searching for metaphors and similes. Join me! Here's a bit more on this month's project.

April 18

BEAST metaphor

Have you ever had to fill out an official document that had to be mailed ON DEADLINE somewhere IMPORTANT that involved, say, MATH, which intimidated the stuffing out of you?

And have you ever, well, dragged your feet, doing everything but that?

So–yeah, that was me all last week and part of this week. ¬†I finally tied myself to my chair, consulted my math-happy husband…and, hey! ¬†It wasn’t such a big deal after all. ¬†It’s done, done DONE!

What metaphor says this best? ¬†I was stuck on a rabid bat trapped in my office. ¬†Then I played around with a hairless, noxious beast. ¬†Then I got very tired and wrote a poem about my friend Esther Hershenhorn’s 3rd grade teacher, Miss Atmore. ¬†It’s a dumb poem and has nothing to do with metaphors, so you don’t get to see it. ¬†But at least I wrote my poem today. ¬†My friend Bruce and I call dumb, tired poems Place Holder Poems or PHPs.

So, yes, I wrote a poem today and no, you don’t get to see it but here’s a picture I drew for an old blog post that reminds me of that awful form that scared the daylights out of me that one day I may write about in a poem:

Note that I called him the Big Beige Monster of Second Rate Writing...but we'll pretend he's that evil form I filled out...

Note that I called him the Big Beige Monster of Second Rate Writing…but we’ll pretend he’s that evil form I filled out…


poem © 2014 April Halprin Wayland. All rights reserved

3 Responses to “BEAST metaphor”

  1. “Place Holder Poems or PHPs” – Love. Will steal. ;0) As they say, “Metaphors be with you.”

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I’ve never heard of your idea of “Place Holder Poems”, like Robyn. Terrific, and no poem, but fun picture! Thanks, April.

  3. Ty Lacey says:

    I get what you mean by shuffling your feet, doing anything BUT that particular thing, then you HAVE to do it, and it turns out to be either not bad, or bleh.

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