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In honor of Poetry Month, Easter, Passover,
and all things rabbity, my free-verse picture book,
To Rabbittown, originally published by Scholastic,

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Wait...what do you mean it needs some editing?????

No, I disagree...I really think the words, "severed head" work in this poem.

Yeah, well, thanks for your suggestions. Let me think about them; NO.

I do believe I'm entitled to a nap after an exhausting session ripping my poem apart..

This is Eli. Pronounced eeee-lye.

Hi there!  Welcome to RuffDrafts.com–I’m glad you’re here!

My original poems, posted each day of National Poetry Month 2013, are imperfect. Messy.  This is your chance to sneak a peek behind the scenes—before a poem is polished and published! (For my poems in 2010, 2011 & 2012, click on the Poetry link in the menu above.)

My friend Bruce Balan and I critique each other’s poems every day…so you’ll see Bruce’s comments on some of the poems.

Thanks for following so well.  I’m tempted to take you to the dog park and let you romp off-leash… Ready?  Let’s begin!


April 10


DOG UNTO OTHERS ~ rough draft

I have dug up an old bone for her
that’s spoiled and aged just right,
but her friends were at the house then
and her smile was very tight.

I have tried to give her freedom,
tried to open up the gate.
Then she took me by the collar
and she put me in my crate.

But she said, “Do unto others”
and that’s what I’ve tried to do.
Since she doesn’t like my offerings,
I’m keeping her left shoe.


Here’s what I wrote to Bruce:
“*Sigh*  This idea made me smile when I was driving…the idea of a dog trying to practice the Golden Rule.  But it’s not working except on the stupid level…”

Here’s what Bruce wrote back:
“I disagree. It IS working. I loved it and it made me laugh. Needs some reworking here and there to just make it flow better but it’s great!”

And that is why I send him my poem each day.

Check out today’s TeachingAuthors.com Wednesday Writing Workout post ~ It’s about drawing to get writing ideas, inspired by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.

poem © 2013 April Halprin Wayland. All rights reserved

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