Welcome to the

Beach Cities

Folk Music Club

founded 2004


Do you wish you

could sing around a campfire with Pete Seeger?


Do you secretly sing Woody Guthrie songs

in the car?

Woody Singers

Did you dream you

saw Joe Hill last night?

Then you’re in luck!

The Beach Cities

Folk Music Club

is here!

On the third Tuesday of each month 

from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m,

banjo players, fiddlers, guitar players and singers gather

in a warm circle in April & Gary & Jeff Wayland’s Manhattan Beach living room

Note: if you’re not on April’s email list but you’ve attended the BCFC in the past and wish to join us on Zoom, email April for the code each month. If you’ve never attended, we welcome you to join us when we once again meet in person. Thank you for your patience. 

to sing and play folk music.  May the circle be unbroken!

join us

for a Sing-along/Hoot/Jam!

Bring a friend!

Bring a song!

Bring an instrument!

Where? The Wayland home

1642 Voorhees Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

1 1/2 blocks west of Aviation, 4 blocks north of Artesia.

Please bring yummy snacks or drinks to share…or not

Since we meet on a weeknight,

we ask that you skeedaddle at 10 pm.

Come sing a song and play along!


Please note that we are a group of friends who come together to make music.  We do not put on concerts as a result of agent or performer solicitations.  If you’d like to join us in music and song on the third Tuesday of the month, please contact us. But if you are contacting us in the hopes that we will put on a concert, please don’t.

For more information:

aprilspencil [at]G Mail [dot] com (founder April Halprin Wayland)

(please put Beach Cities Folk Club in the subject line)

snail mail:

Beach Cities Folk Music Club

1097 Aviation Boulevard

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

FAX: (310) 379-4523

Happy 16th Birthday, 2020 BCFC!


~ We meet the third Tuesday of each month, 7-10 pm ~

many thanks to Janet Cornwell for our themes

~ the following song themes are only suggestions to get your musical juices flowing ~

January 2020 OUR 16TH BIRTHDAY!
Overdoing it; Airplanes; Hope;
bonus theme: songs to sing at the Jan. 18th Women’s March
February 2020 Hugs & Kisses; Bears; Hope
March 2020 Books; Fog & Mist; Hope
April  2020 Parodies; Walking & Hiking; Hope
May 2020 Carriages & Wagons; Oceans & Seas; Hope;
June 2020 Cards & Card Games;  The Moon; Hope
July 2020 Lightning; Vegetables & Grain; Hope
August 2020
Sun & Sunshine; Friends; Hope
Sept 2020 Courtesans; Swamps & Bayous; Hope
October 2020 Gallows & Hangings; Eagles, Falcons & Hawks; Hope
November 2020 Foxes, Wolves, & Coyotes; Candles & Lanterns; Hope
December 2020 Toys; Home, being home; Hope

Folk Links—in no particular order:

    • The Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club – our club is the baby sister of the SMTFMC, which was born in 1978 and meets the first Saturday of each month (in Santa Monica, of course); both were founded by the same person
    • FolkWorks – Check out this FABULOUS, FREE newspaper’s site for Folk Music and Dance events in the greater Los Angeles area
    • Folk Alliance – The North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance–”one strong voice”
    • The Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival
    • California Traditional Music Society
    • Sing Out! Magazine
    • Songmakers–They sponsor weekly hoots in private homes, weekend get-aways and special events. Check out their links to other folk clubs.
    • The Living Tradition–they sponsor contra dances, folk music concerts and folk music jams. They have a great newsletter, too.
    • The San Francisco Folk Music Club our club was inspired by the SFFMC
    • FolkScene is a program of traditional and contemporary music featuring live music, interviews, and recordings
    • Dick Holdstock and wife, Carol, long-time friends of our club, perform wonderful songs of the sea and more with Allan Macleod
    • Ross Altman, folksinger/songfighter…songwriter extraordinaire and longtime president of the Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club
    • AcousticMusicScene.com–a site designed to promote quality acoustic music by providing news, commentary, advance notice and coverage of awards and contests, conferences of note and music festivals, U.S. national and Northeast regional news, a photo gallery, regional live music calendars, etc.

Please let us know if any of these links are broken!
Email April: 
aprilspencil [at]G Mail [dot] com

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