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Since we toss bread crumbs as part of our amends during Tashlich, I wanted to find a charity that was involved with feeding the poor—and look what I discovered!

Mazon.org (in Hebrew, mazon means “food” or “sustenance”) believes that in a world of plenty, hunger and malnutrition should not exist.  Each year Mazon distributes over $4 million worldwide for meal distribution, food banking and grocery delivery, nutrition and hunger awareness education and advocacy for change.

Mazon recieved a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, an “A” from the American Institute of Philanthropy and meets the Better Business Bureau’s rigorous stands for charity accountability.

I am donating a percentage of my profit from the sale of NEW YEAR AT THE PIER–A Rosh Hashanah Story to Mazon.  Won’t you join me?
Donate to honor someone, as a memorial, or celebrate a special occasion (such as a bar or bat mitzvah or wedding).

Take their Hunger and Poverty Quiz.

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