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MORE THAN ENOUGH ~ A Passover Story 
By April Halprin Wayland, illustrated by Katie Kath
(Dial) ages 3–5 (40 pages) ISBN 978-0-8037-4126-3

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…or…buy at your local independent book store!

(If there are no indies near you, that’s another story. Then by all means buy it here.)

The New York Times:

More Than Enough works equally well as a primer on Passover and a reminder for any child, Jewish or not, that any day can be filled with things that feel like blessings…Kath’s friendly watercolor illustrations seem to hum with personality and lively details.


Wayland employs flowing, descriptive language that sets each scene and captures the essence of the holiday…Kath’s fresh, perky watercolors perfectly match the joyous tone of the text.

A delightful, modern take on an ancient tradition. (glossary, author’s note)

Publishers Weekly:

No Passover seder is complete without a rousing rendition of “Dayenu” (“It would have been enough”), a song of gratitude for everything God did in redeeming the Israelites from slavery. Wayland (New Year at the Pier) and Kath (Penelope Perfect) give “Dayenu” an even broader meaning, explaining the song as “a reminder to be aware of and grateful for the blessings in each moment.”… Kath’s scenes of Jewish home life exude an easygoing buoyancy and warmth, with just enough humor and detail to make readers eager to find their own “Dayenu” moments. Ages 3–5.


“The infectious, child-appealing watercolor artwork—with that adorable kitten!—will make readers smile. And once they understand the meaning of dayenu, they’ll get into the spirit of gratitude as well.”

San Diego Jewish World:

“…Even if it’s currently out of season, this is the kind of book that one can put away until the approach of next Passover to be read to young children to help them get ready for the season. The lyrics and music to the “Dayenu” song are printed on one of the back pages.”

The Jewish Eye:

Dayenu is a joyful, upbeat, and energetic song, as is this book!

…In addition to the energetic illustrations and riveting story, this book also includes a handy glossary that will explain the story of Passover, and some of the words in the text, in greater detail for those not already familiar with them. You’ll also find the first stanza and chorus of the song, along with the accompanying musical notations at the end of the book.

…More Than Enough is a great book to enhance your young children’s knowledge and enjoyment of the Passover, to introduce non-Jewish children to this holiday, and as a year-round book to encourage the love of reading in pre and early readers.

The Salt Lake Tribune:

“Winning . . . Readers follow a young Jewish family as they prepare for and celebrate Passover. With its straightforward narrative and glossary of terms, “More Than Enough” can also serve as an introduction to holiday customs for a non-Jewish audience.”

WCMU Public Radio:

“Wayland’s descriptions of Dayenu and the symbolic traditions of Passover will touch the hearts of readers. She carries the readers through various aspects and experiences of the Passover celebration and its importance as a touchstone to the past. Katie Kath uses watercolor to…depict wonderful visual representations of the preparation and celebration of Passover.”

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