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MORE THAN ENOUGH ~ A Passover Story 
By April Halprin Wayland, illustrated by Katie Kath
(Dial) ages 3–5 (40 pages) ISBN 978-0-8037-4126-3

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Reviewed in the New York Times (see below)!

“Wayland employs flowing, descriptive language…
Kath’s fresh, perky watercolors perfectly match the joyous tone of the text…
A delightful, modern take on an ancient tradition.” ~  Kirkus

This warm, affectionate story embraces Passover in the spirit of “dayenu”
(a mind-set of thankfulness, a reminder to be aware of the blessings in each moment.)

In this story told in spare, lyrical prose, a Jewish family prepares for their Passover seder, visiting the farmer’s market for walnuts, lilacs, and honey (and adopting a kitten along the way!), then chopping apples for the charoset, and getting dressed up before walking to Nana’s house. The refrain throughout is “Dayenu”—a mind-set of thankfulness, a reminder to be aware of the blessings in each moment. At Nana’s, there’s matzo ball soup, chicken, coconut macaroons, and of course, the hidden afikomen. After opening the door for Elijah and singing the verses of “Chad Gadya,” Nana tucks the children in for a special Passover sleepover. A family’s cozy Passover celebration: equal parts warmth and charm.  Includes a comprehensive glossary.

“It’s the perfect read for the entire family
in anticipation and celebration of the Passover.”

“Works equally well as a primer on Passover and a reminder for any child, Jewish or not, that any day can be filled with things that feel like blessings . . . Hum[s] with personality and lively details.”—The New York Times

Dayenu is a joyful, upbeat, and energetic song, as is this book! Readers of all ages will enjoy following the adventures of the children in this story as they shop with their mother, adopt a kitten, taste the rain, help cook the Seder meal, and celebrate the Passover holiday with their extended family.”—The Jewish Eye

“The infectious, child-appealing watercolor artwork—with that adorable kitten!—will make readers smile. And once they understand the meaning of dayenu, they’ll get into the spirit of gratitude as well.”—Booklist

“Winning . . . Readers follow a young Jewish family as they prepare for and celebrate Passover. With its straightforward narrative and glossary of terms, “More Than Enough” can also serve as an introduction to holiday customs for a non-Jewish audience.”—The Salt Lake Tribune

“Scenes of Jewish home life exude an easygoing buoyancy and warmth, with just enough humor and detail to make readers eager to find their own ‘Dayenu’ moments.”—Publishers Weekly

“Wayland’s descriptions of Dayenu and the symbolic traditions of Passover will touch the hearts of readers. She carries the readers through various aspects and experiences of the Passover celebration and its importance as a touchstone to the past. Katie Kath uses watercolor to…depict wonderful visual representations of the preparation and celebration of Passover.” —WCMU Public Radio

*Yes, it will be a bit more expensive in your friendly indie bookstore.  Of COURSE it will be.  There are actual PEOPLE in your local bookstore who know actual books; who stock them so you can sample them in the store; who will suggest books for your son, your niece…or me. Just ask them!
So…here’s the link again to buy my book at your local independent book store. And thank you for listening.

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