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I have a cold today. Probably because I was wrestling with the Beast yesterday
(see yesterday’s post).

What’s a metaphor for having a cold? ¬†Hmmm…

An invasion…my body’s been taken over by the enemy?

A wet, windy day…on the day I’d planned a picnic?

A smashed banana? ¬†That’s how I feel right now.

Or…can you spot the metaphor in the following rough draft
(which is also a mask poem and which includes personification)?


Day wakes up and stretches
her long, lean sunlit arms

Be gone! I close the curtains
for I’m glob of germs

and neither Day’s light laughter
nor her cloud-free charms

can change that I’m a tissue
all wadded up and gross

I’m full of yuck and‚ÄĒachoo!
I’m warning: don’t come close.

What’s the metaphor that defines YOUR day?



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