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DOG EXPLORER ~ rough draft
by April Halprin Wayland

Sniff, o, sniff—what glorious fumes
coats the world beyond these rooms?

You with your pens and their feathery plumes—
sit ’round the table in your conference rooms

but I have a calling beyond these doors
to the tang and the stink at the wild waves’ shores

while you’re puzzling over lines of ink,
I’ll be rolling in things that stink!

I’ll catch the tang of a porcupine’s trail,
decoding flavors that tell a tale.

You find words, I’ll follow vapors
I’ll bound through meadows, you plough your papers.

As your new poem begins to speak
I’ll uncover buried treasures that reek!

Bruce comments: “Really liked this one. Excellent. Wonderful rhythm. We like the last line. ADR [his wife] points out that you use ‘tang’ twice which is somewhat distracting.”

Me: In fact, I see that I’ve used both “tang” and “stink” twice.  I’ll fix those in the next draft.  And I don’t think the last line scans well yet.

Eli and Elsie meet 5-10-10 027

Explorer Eli has found something new…

 Today is Poetry Friday–oh, joy!  Thank you, Irene,  for hosting!
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