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by April Halprin Wayland

Dogs frisk in dust,
birds choir on wires.

The sparks of spring
bring racing things
on paws
and wings.

Dog’s full-stretch yawn.
The chill?  It’s gone.
Instead, the crazy sting
of spring.

Our park is full of
barks that mean g’morning, howdy, hi!
My heart is full of wagging tails
and hope and song and sky.

Poetry Prompt:

Sometimes I get flashes on a topic.  Pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit together with that satisfying click no matter how I look at the pieces.  Most days I discard all but one and work out a poem from that.  But today I wanted to keep them all.  This is one way to organize ideas.  It’s almost like a strobe light, flashing on one idea at a time in a black room.

It’s your turn. Pick a big topic–spring, love, Paris, mother–whatever it is, scribble down metaphors, words that sound like your feelings about the topic, etc.  Create a quartet of poems.  And remember to breathe.

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