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by April Halprin Wayland

I was born underwater
and they thought I’d be a daughter.
Surprise!  A boy!

I wagged my tail, I sniffed, I barked
and scared an old man in the park.

A dog?  A boy.

To swim for hours?  My greatest wish!
So perhaps I am a fish?

No, I’m a boy.

Neither dog, daughter nor sturgeon,
someday I’ll be a surgeon.

Now? ¬†I’m a boy.

(c) 2011  April Halprin Wayland, all rights reserved
The story behind the poem:
I’m a mother so I can write a birthday poem for my boy if I want, right? Yes, he was born underwater and yes, a psychic and a fortune teller told us he’d be a girl. When he was small, he liked being a dog. ¬†One day he nearly gave an old woman a heart attack when he barked a friendly hello. ¬†His record in a hotel swimming pool was something like six hours–he just didn’t want to get out. ¬†And yes, he is thinking of becoming a surgeon.
Thanks to Bruce Balan for the first line of the last stanza!
A mom beaming with pride can brag, right?¬†¬†These days he’s a young man. Happy Birthday to an amazing, funny, generous and wonderful young man.

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