April's ballot

“Bad people are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.”
– Former US Secretary of the Treasury, William Simon

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Congressional District 33 – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Ted Lieu Democratic  YES I know Ted personally. He’s an exceptional teacher; when I don’t understand an issue,Ted explains it clearly. He’s smart, articulate and pro-active.Congressman Henry Waxman has endorsed Ted to succeed him in Congressional District 33, as has Zev Yaroslavsky, the Sierra Club and many more.Waxman said, “Ted Lieu…[has] earned…my strong admiration. I endorse Ted Lieu because he will always work tirelessly to strengthen the middle class, make higher education more affordable, help workers save for retirement, and protect our privacy from intrusive NSA surveillance.”


California Ballot Measures
Here’s a chart showing how organizations, unions, newspapers and political parties stand on the all propositions

Name Yes/No My Comments
Prop. 1 Water Bond NO Gov. Brown and the Democrats strongly support Prop. 1Interestingly enough, the Sierra Club and California NOW are against it.And here’s why a trusted source who has been an environmental engineer for regional council of governments, a community planner for local governments and who is currently the manager of a beach monitoring and community waste water project is against Prop 1:
“I’m a strong no on this one. This is a classic example of a bill that tries to offset a bad plan (divert more water from the Delta) with good projects. We should still be able to do the good projects without the bad. Remember the Peripheral Canal battle? I believe the Delta diversions put the fisheries and balance of the delta eco-system at risk. While I strongly support agriculture, perhaps crops/orchards that require high water consumption aren’t appropriate in CA. (And that’s said by the granddaughter of an almond grower.)”The League of Women Voters of California board considered Prop 1, the water bond and decided to remain neutral on it. Originally I posted all their reasons for and against it, but it was just too long.  Read them here.
Prop. 2 Budget  YES I have a problem with this proposition because it locks in money. The more money you lock in, the less flexibility those we elect have to solve problems as they arise.   However:

  • SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: The Rainy Day Fund is the “prudent course.”
  • STANDARD AND POOR’S: The Rainy Day Fund marks “another step in California’s ongoing journey toward a more sustainable fiscal structure.”|
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: The Rainy Day Fund “does more to promote a culture of savings in Sacramento.”
  • MOODY’S: The Rainy Day Fund helps the state “cushion its finances from economic downturns.”
  • FRESNO BEE: The Rainy Day Fund will “protect taxpayers against catastrophic budget deficits.”

SACRAMENTO BEE: The Rainy Day Fund is “an important step toward fiscal discipline.”

The League of Women Voters says to Vote YES on Prop 2, the Rainy Day Fund measure, “which takes an important step toward stability and fiscal discipline in our state government.”

Prop. 45 Health Insurance  YES Wonderful LA Times article titled 5 Ways Ads on Prop.45 Deceive:
http://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-hiltzik-20141012-column-column.html#page=1                                                                                       Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner says:The health insurers’ ads don’t identify by name the “independent commission” they say has the authority to regulate health insurance rates. That’s because one does not exist.There is no “power grab” because no one in California has the authority to reject excessive health insurance rates. The only power being taken away is that of the health insurers to inflict excessive health insurance rates on Californians. 35 other states have given their insurance commissioner the authority to reject excessive health insurance rates. And those states are getting better health insurance rates. But not California.It’s time to stand up to the power, money and influence of the health insurers. Just as the voters did in 1988 when we enacted Proposition 103 to give the Insurance Commissioner the authority to regulate auto, home, and casualty insurance rates, saving consumers over $100 Billion since then.==================================================The following are my notes during a League of Women Voters Pros & Cons presentation:

  • The leading cause of bankruptcy is medical costs. 
  • Proposition 45 will only affect 16% of those who have health insurance; people insured by Covered California or by private insurers are not affected because their rates are already separately negotiated with their unions.
  • Contrary to what the NO ads are saying, no one in California currently has the authority to reject health care rates if they are too high. (They can approve them but they cannot reject them.)
  • 1988, the California insurance commissioner was authorized to oversee the rates of auto insurance…as a result, we’re the only state in the nation where auto insurance have gone down.
  • Written into the measure: public hearings, public meetings. Greater transparency.
  • Insurance companies have spent $45 million to defeat it. They say they object to Prop. 45 because large corporations are exempted from it. But large companies are exempted because they already separately negotiate with their unions.
Prop. 46 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors; Medical Negligence Lawsuits  YES Senator Barbara Boxer’s 30 second ad in favor of Prop. 46: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eineSE94mdE&feature=youtu.b

  • This proposition would make doctors take random drug tests and check the drug data base so that you can’t get multiple prescriptions; it would increase the limit to $1.1 million on non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering) in malpractice lawsuits.
Prop. 47 Criminal Sentences  YES This keeps dangerous criminals locked up.  Saves money.  Savings will go to K-12 school programs, mental health & drug treatment programs.The League of Women Voters says Vote YES on Prop 47, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, which ensures that prison spending is focused on violent and serious offenses; maximizes alternatives for non-serious, nonviolent crime; and invests savings in prevention and support programs.
Prop. 48 Indian Gaming  NO In 2012, Gov. Brown negotiated an agreement, the state legislature approved, the feds accepted it, which allows the Mono Tribe in Madera County to acquire tribal land 38 miles from the tribe’s reservation, and to build a reservation and a casino and hotel on it.I am very uncomfortable with casinos and the culture around them and also with the fact that this casino is 38 miles away from the reservation. It seems to me that this will open the door to other off-reservation gaming in our state.

Governor – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Jerry Brown Democratic  YES

Lieutenant Governor – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Gavin Newsom Democratic  YES

Attorney General – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Kamala Harris Democratic  YES

Controller – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Betty Yee Democratic  YES

Board of Equalization Member District 3 – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Jerome E Horton Democratic  YES

Insurance Commissioner – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Dave Jones Democratic  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 1

Name Yes/No My Comments
Jeffrey W. Johnson  YES
Frances Rothschild  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 2

Name Yes/No My Comments
Brian M. Hoffstadt  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 3

Name Yes/No My Comments
Lee Anne Edmon  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 4

Name Yes/No My Comments
Audrey B. Collins  YES
Nora M. Manella  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 5

Name Yes/No My Comments
Paul A. Turner  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 6

Name Yes/No My Comments
Kenneth R. Yegan  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 7

Name Yes/No My Comments
Dennis M. Perluss  YES

Justice, State Court of Appeal District 2, Division 8

Name Yes/No My Comments
Madeleine I. Flier  YES
Laurence D. Rubin  YES

Secretary of State – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Pete Peterson Republican  YES Someone I respect and trust completely has worked closely with Pete over a long period of time and has only positive things to say about him.I am impressed by the ideas and plans on his website, and I’m interested in how many newspapers went out of their way to say they feel his party affiliation would not be an issue:

  • The Los Angeles Times:“Californians should look beyond party affiliation in this race. Peterson views the job as nonpartisan, and his resume backs that up.”
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel:“Peterson would be an independent voice, and he’s well separate from the right-wing faction that has largely overtaken the state’s Republican party.”
  • The San Francisco Chronicle: “It would be refreshing to bring in a chief elections officer with credentials and enthusiasm that are perfectly tailored to his job. Peterson is our choice.”

Superintendent of Public Instruction – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Tom Torlakson Nonpartisan  YES I have been impressed by Tom Torlakson ever since I heard him speak when he ran the first time.Jackie Golderg says that he’s:

Supreme Court Justice – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar  YES
Goodwin Liu  YES
Kathryn Mickle Werdegar  YES

Treasurer – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
John Chiang Democratic  YES

Assembly District 66 – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Al Muratsuchi Democratic  YES We had a house party for Al when he ran the first time. He’s been a terrific member of the assembly and deserves another term.  His endorsements include Henry Waxman and tons of good guys, good gals, elected officials and organizations.
His opponent, David Hadley positions himself as a moderate, but here’s what he wrote about the Tea Party in 2011:”Tea Partiers recognize the morality, success and progress of the U.S., and have worked aggressively within our political system to effect change.”

Senate District 26 – California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Sandra Fluke Democratic   YES I’ve heard both candidates for State Senate speak at local house parties.  Sandra Fluke is the stand out. She has state-wide policy experience, and the issues she’s focused on (including the importance of early childhood education, protecting our coastal environment, and taking big money out of politics) are spot-on.Speaking of big money…was your mailbox overflowing with flyers for Ben Allen (paid for by millionaire Bill Bloomfield) during the primary election?  It felt like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice–I wanted to yell, TURN IT OFF!  I continue to be concerned about the amount of money Bloomfield–who usually pours money into Republican campaigns–spent and is spending to elect Ben Allen.Also important: getting another articulate woman into the chambers of power.


Los Angeles County, California Ballot Measures

Name Yes/No My Comments
Measure P Safe Neighborhood Parks  YES Jackie Goldberg votes yes:
This is a $23 per parcel tax to pay for beaches, prevention programs for young people, etc.

Assessor – Los Angeles County, California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Jeffrey Prang  YES His opponent is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Prang is endorsed by Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and Mayor Eric Garcetti. More info here.

Judge of the Superior Court Office 61 – Los Angeles County, California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Jacqueline H. Lewis I spoke with a reliable source who runs a non-profit and whose clients have been in Lewis’ courtroom numerous times. This source says that yes, Jacqueline H. Lewis is smart and hard-working.  But she is also biased against teens struggling with multiple issues, especially teens who become pregnant or are young parents. She is sometimes downright mean to these teens and on occasion she has ignored the law.And although another source says that she is “hands down the best in all the races this year. The only candidate rated Exceptionally Well Qualified by the County Bar this year. Endorsed by the Dem groups and the Times”…I cannot vote for Ms. Lewis.
Dayan Mathai  still researching

Judge of the Superior Court Office 87 – Los Angeles County, California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Andrew M. Stein  YES Jackie Goldberg comments: “Stein is a criminal defense attorney who seems to be the more progressive of two candidates who are both minimally qualified.”

Sheriff – Los Angeles County, California

Name Yes/No My Comments
Jim McDonnell still researching  Endorsed by:

  • Jackie Lacey, District Attorney, Los Angeles County
  • Richard Riordan, former Mayor of Los Angeles
  • Charlie Beck, Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department
Paul K Tanaka still researching This a big guess on my part…but in looking at the endorsements of both candidates, it appears that Tanaka has the officers’ endorsements:

  • United Federation of Police Officers
  • Gardena Police Officers Association
  • Former ALADS President Roy Burns



Member, Board of Directors – Beach Cities Health District

Name Yes/No My Comments
Michelle Anne Bholat  YES She’s a physician.  She’s a Democrat.  I know her husband a teeny tiny bit.  I’m voting for her.

Voter Resources

  • The Official Voter Information Guide: voterguide.sos.ca.gov (click on PDF on the left side of the page) ~ This is a non partisan guide to statewide candidates and ballot propositions.
  • SmartVoter  Nonpatisan election information. Type in your address for comprehensive information about everything on your ballot and for your polling place.
  • Voter’s Edge votersedge.org/california-election-voters-guide-to-ballot-measures-and-candidates Want to know who and what you’re really voting for? Voter’s Edge is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the candidates and measures on your ballot.  Find out who’s giving money to the YES and NO campaigns. (Includes nifty lists of donors and graphics of how much money they’ve raised).
  • The California Democratic Party’s endorsements
  • Go to CAvotes.org for a nonpartisan Pros and Cons guide.
  • Register to vote here http://www.vote411.org/registertovote.php
  • Go to www.EasyVoterGuide.org (“For new voters and busy voters”) to print a copy of the Easy Voter Guide for the election in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean…and many more resources.
  • PeaceActionWest.org ~ Of all the groups I give to, I save my biggest donation for Peace Action West, which is a lean, efficient and politically pragmatic organization. Once a year, a Peace Action West staffer comes over for lunch and teaches me a TON about the peace movement and specifically what Peace Action West is doing to move our politicians, our policies, our country towards peace. If you want to come to lunch with us, I’d LOVE it!
  • Equality California (“the largest statewide LGBT advocacy organization in California working to secure full and lasting equality for and acceptance of LGBT people.”) lists its 2014 endorsements
  • REGARDING WHETHER OR NOT TO VOTE TO RETAIN JUDGES, Jackie Goldberg says:There are two contradictory ways to look at the  Supreme Court and Court of Appeals retention.  A Judge friend of mine suggests one idea below.  The second idea comes from an older African American woman I met in the 1960s and is also listed below.  YOUR CHOICE!
  • Jacke’s JUDGE FRIEND SAYS: I believe that the independence of the judiciary is about judges not having to base their concerns on retention elections.  Even though there may be justices with whom I have philosophical differences, I vote yes unless there is some ethical concern.  I am voting yes on all of them this election. (I, April, will follow his advice which is the same as many of my legal sources)
  • Jacke’s 1960′S FRIEND SAYS: If you like what is going on in the Courts, then vote YES on all of these.  But if you are unhappy with the Courts, such as the case where they decided that Teacher Tenure “harms low income children of color.”  This African American woman leader told me to vote NO on all these judicial retention to show general displeasure with lack of justice in the judicial system.  (Jackie Goldberg says that she will probably follow this friend’s advice)
  • Maplight is a nonpartisan research organization that reveals money’s influence on politics.  Watch 3:03 min video:

California Choices (see the 1:04 min video below) shares what positions unions, newspapers, political parties and non-profits take on statewide ballot measures. It’s a collaborative effort by Next 10, IGS at UC Berkeley, the UC San Diego Political Science Department, the Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford, and the Center for CA Studies at Sac State, has been designed to equip Californians with a better understanding of why our state has deep problems and what options we have to make it work again for a better future. {I especially love the endorsements page…particularly when there are a ton of ballot measures}
If you experience, see or hear about voting problems in your state, please call the toll-free,
nonpartisan Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).

Hi there, Voters!

I’m glad you dropped by. I believe we need to help each other make informed choices. I’ve been researching and sharing my ballot with friends, and then friends of friends, for about 10 years.

This is my Manhattan Beach, CA ballot.For your very own ballot, go to SmartVoter.org provided by the League of Women Voters.

Note: I generally don’t take a stand on candidates and issues unless I vote in their districts.

If there’s not a YES or NO by a candidate or issue, then I am still researching…or take no position on it.

I believe that’s it’s important to vote even if one candidate has only a slight edge over another…or if I have to hold my nose to vote for one over the other. If I don’t vote, then I am giving my vote away.

If you’d like to be on my political email list, email me: aprilstory (at) A O L (dot) com
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~ April Wayland
“If cousin Pookie would vote, if Uncle Jethro would get off the couch
and stop watching sports center and go register some folks
and go to the polls, we might make a different kind of politics.
That’s what the Moses generation teaches us.
Kick off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes.
Go do some politics. Change this country!”
-Barack Obama