Welcome to the
Santa Monica
Traditional Folk
Music Club!

Going strong since 1978.   2018 — our 40th Year!!

On the first Saturday of each mont,
somewhere between 20 and 70
folk musicians and singers gather in a circle at our club
to make that magic combination of music and words —
traditional folk music.

May the circle be unbroken.

The Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club invites you to join us
for a sing—along/a hoot/a jam!

Bring a friend!
Bring a song!
Bring an instrument!
Song circle!
Children welcome!

$5.00 donation at the door, or admission with membership.


meets the first Saturday of each month, 6:30 pm to 10:20 pm

We meet at Sha’Arei Am (the Santa Monica Synagogue)

1448 18th Street (corner of Broadway and 18th Street),
Santa Monica, California, 90404 (click here for map)

The Santa Monica Synagogue is on the corner of 18th and Broadway at 1448 18th Street, SM.
It doesn’t look like a synagogue–it’s a nondescript two-story building.
There’s a large parking lot in back. Park there and enter through that back entrance.

$5 at the door, if you can afford it.

~ In May we hold our annual White Elephant Sale ~ Clear out your closets! ~

Bring your new or gently used treasures of a ♪ ♫ musical ♫ ♪ nature to the May meeting,

be prepared to find and purchase new musical treasures,

and help us make a few months rent ~

This is Our 40th Year…

edible instruments unite!


MONTHLY THEMES FOR 2018 ~ many thanks to Janet Cornwell

~ the following song themes are suggestions only to get your musical juices flowing ~

January 2018

  • Names of countries
  • Courage & daring
  • Gardens

February 2018

  • Love, infatuation & attraction
  • Mountains & hills
  • Peace

March 2018

Our 40th Anniversary meeting!!!

  • Parties, celebrations & birthdays [the SMTFMC was born in a manger March, 1978]
  • States & provinces
  • Surprise

April 2018

  • Meadows, prairies, grasslands
  • Loneliness
  • Lies & tall tales

May 2018

Clear out your closets!  It’s time for our annual White Elephant Sale! ~

Bring your new or gently used treasures of a ♪ ♫ musical ♫ ♪ nature to the May meeting,

be prepared to discover and purchase a few musical treasures,

and help us make a few months rent ~

May themes:

  • Deserts
  • Joy & Happiness
  • Wildflowers
  • Bonus: Pete Seeger [Pete Seeger was born 5-3-1919]

June 2018

  • Islands
  • Betrayal
  • Fruit & fruit trees
  • Bonus themes: Burl Ives (born 6-14-1909); Dave Von Ronk (born 6-30-1936)

July 2018

  • Valleys, canyons & glens
  • Loyalty & perseverance
  • Dreams & visions
  • Bonus: Woody Guthrie [Woody Guthrie born 7-14-1912]

August 2018

  • City & town names
  • Anger & jealousy
  • Corn (for both eating & drinking!)

September 2018

  • Ports & harbors
  • Amusement & merrimentF
  • Famous people

October 2018

  • Forests
  • Fear, & overcoming fear
  • Wheat, barley, rye

November 2018

  • Seas & lakes
  • Sadness & loss
  • Wars & rebellions

December 2018

  • Frontiers & borders
  • Contentment
  • Herbs, spices, seasonings

Themes contributed by Janet Cornwell ~ thank you, Janet ~

Come play along and bring a song!

Click here for a snapshot of who we are, our mission, and our membership application.
(We encourage you to attend a meeting or two before becoming a member)

Please note that we are a group of friends who come together to make music. We do not put on concerts as a result of agent or performer solicitations.

If you’d like to join us in music and song on the first Saturday of the month, please contact us. But if you are contacting us in the hopes that we will put on a concert, please don’t.

You might try contacting Barbara Greenspan’s Noble House Concert series to arrange a concert.

*   *   *   *

The Beach Cities Folk Music Club (little sister to the SMTFMC) is just down the freeway–we get together on the third Tuesday of each month at a private home in Manhattan Beach.

So–if you’re in the L.A. area, join us on both the first Saturday or the third Tuesday of any month!

“When people ask, ‘Whatever happened to folk music? Do you think it will become popular again?’ I look at them dumbfoundedly and then I invite them to the Folk Club.

I take great pride in being able to show them a place where traditional folk music lives
in the hearts of ordinary people–strumming away and singing along.”

~Ross Altman, full-time Folksinger/Songfighter & President of the Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club

Folk Links — in no particular order

For more information:
aprilspencil [at] G Mail [dot] com (founder & folk club Mom, April Halprin Wayland)
Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club
1097 Aviation Boulevard
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
FAX: (24 hours) (310) 379-4523

The Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club is a 501c3 non-profit # 33-0335698