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I write a poem each day;
during Poetry Month, I share ideas, rough drafts
and bits about my writing process

Welcome to Poetry Month 2014!

A poet uses many tools. Two are metaphor and simile. 

A metaphor compares two different things:
“Her life is a rollercoaster.”

A simile also compares two things, using like or as:
“Her room is like a disaster area.”

Metaphors and similes make word pictures; I’d like to become better at creating them. So every day this month, I’ll practice by posting a metaphor (or a simile) below.  I’m not posting a poem.  Just one piece: a metaphor for a poem.  

I’d love to read your favorites too! It’ll be like playing volleyball. (Whoa! Did you see that simile sail by?)

Curious to see what other children’s poets are posting during Poetry Month? Ask the mouth-wateringly-original Jama Rattigan–she’s compiled a list of who’s posting what all month long.

(For a bit of fun, Google the word “metaphor” and then click on “images”…or just click here)

Ready? Let’s start speaking metaphoreeze!  (Scroll down)

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