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Poetry Friday is hosted on Laura Salas’s blog today–thank you, Laura!
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here’s my post  and poem, “Hooked on a Book” at TeachingAuthors.com today

and here’s today’s rough draft:

CA ~ rough draft
by April Halprin Wayland

Hello, my name is Buster
and I’m a chase-a-holic.

No matter how busy the street is,
how fast the squirrel is,

or how loudly my person screams,
once I started, I couldn’t stop.

I just missed being hit by a Lexus
the day before I walked into these rooms.

And I know you all heard about Max last year.
Poor Max.

You’d think that would’ve stopped me, right?

We were getting ready to pay our respects,
I was in our front yard taking care of business,

when the snippy squirrel who lives in my yard
sauntered down our tree trunk and CHITTERED at me.

And then—well, you know: I couldn’t think, I couldn’t hear,
and nothing else mattered.

I came to
five blocks away.  I’d crossed two major intersections.

I had no memory of it.  And that damn squirrel?
Laughing from the liquor store roof.

My person had to give me away after that.
I failed obedience school, I lost my home, I lost my family.

I was at the bottom of the bone yard, believe me.
But then I found these rooms.

And I’ve been clean and sober
for a year now.

No chasing.  None.
That squirrel—she tries everything.

But I just trot inside and chew on a rawhide if it gets to me.
Or I’ll call Charlie and we’ll go for a walk.

Twelve chase-free months.
One day at a time.

I’m Buster, I’m a chase-a-holic
and that’s my story.


Bruce says: “I thought this was very, very funny. I like it a lot. It is too long but it gave us a laugh.

One thing I would change is the clean and sober line. Doesn’t fit for me. What do you become in CA? Not clean and sober. Something else. Well-behaved and under control?  Hmmm…”

2010 May Eli

I’m on a short leash in my sobriety…

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