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BLACK / WHITE ~ rough draft

My friend said he saw
four pure black cows
in an ebony field
on a moonless night.

No lights.

This came to mind
watching albino dogs called
Dogue de Bordeaux
as they rolled in the snow.

So white.

After talking with my friend who was snowed-in back east, I met a brilliantly white Akita at the dog park.

It made me think of my favorite page in Bruce’s picture book,¬†Cows Going Past –of black cows on a black field in the dead of night.

I had to look up dog names that fell into the right rhythm, of course…and then make sure that kind of dog came in white.

A fun exercise!

Bruce says, “Neat poem. I like what went on in your head. It‚Äôs a little hard to read out loud. Works better to read silently, I think. Possibly because of the difficult dog name. Had no idea that dog existed!”

Dog park in the dark…

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