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by April Halprin Wayland

Warm yellow light
spills over all of us,
dogs and humans.

A black setter, a tan lab and my own goofball
whirl around the park
like speed skaters in a roller rink.

Wildly happy eyes,
tongues flying behind
like pink flags,

long legs flying,
Eli in the lead.
Here they come!

Where’d they go?

I wake in dust,
open my eyes to faces
partly blocking a softening sky.

Exhuberant dogs
took me out at the knees;
I stay down for a few more minutes

to make the ground
stop waving;
the roll of an earthquake.

hands me my glasses…
then a dusty lens.

asks if I know my name
I do

I laugh
because I know
my goofball’s name, too.

Poetry Prompt: I love metaphors in poetry–in all literature–and don’t use enough of ‘em.  So I made a point to stretch my brain and include metaphors in this poem (speed skaters and pink flag.)  I find that if I’m tired, I can’t seem to find metaphors.  A good night’s sleep and they come more easily.

It’s your turn. Describe a scene and include metaphors.  Break up the lines into short stanzas. Eliminate as many “the”s and “and”s as you can.  Does it feel like a poem?


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