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by April Halprin Wayland

James brought
Lacy and Chase.
Grace brought
Sadie and Payne.

Every dog learned to
shake, wait

and stay,
and then they all played games.

James and Grace
savored cafe au laits
as the canines lay in the shade.

If Creator were giving
out grades today,
all of them would’ve been

Poetry Prompt:¬† This is the last day of National Poetry Month and tomorrow’s May Day!¬† Some poems just land in your lap.¬† I was hiking with my friends James and Grace and their dogs…and began saying all those names…all those wonderful A sounds!¬† So it landed in my lap…and then I worked on it for nine hundred years.

It’s your turn. Go about your day on high alert, repeating names, nouns, words you hear.¬† Hang on to a few that tickle you.¬† Can you create a poem playing off the sounds of some of today’s found words?

Thank you for stopping by.¬† Keep splashing in words all year long until we meet again next Poetry Month!¬† Stay in touch–I post every other Friday at TeachingAuthors.com!

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